Fidelity United Cargo Insurance products will cover loss or damage of your goods transited by air, sea or road. We can also provide open cove policies to match your particular business.
  • Cargo Insurance.
  • Goods In Transit (Inland) Insurance.
  • Hull & Machinery Insurance .
  • Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance.

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Our Insurance Products

  • Cargo Insurance

    This is a very important cover for those who import goods either as raw materials or finished products, in the course of their business.
    Cover is also available for exporters of goods and raw materials.The policy will protect the goods carried by Sea or by Air from losses arising out of theft, collision, or fire to the vessels, including capsizing in the case of sea freight. The effects of war or of goods being jettisoned (thrown off the vessel to save the vessel) can also be covered.

    Cover can be arranged from port of origin to port of destination or from port of origin to warehouse of final destination.

  • Goods In Transit (Inland) Insurance

    This insurance covers loss or damage to property if lost or damaged while in transit.
    Cover operates only in respect of inland transits and is extended to loading and unloading operations.
    Insurance may be arranged on a blanket basis for all annual transits.

  • Hull & Machinery Insurance

    This policy provides protection against loss or damage to the insured vessel through perils of the sea.

  • Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance

    This insurance covers Loss or damages made to boats, engines, trailer and any equipment and personal effects carried on board.
    Perils include fire, storm, theft and malicious damage as well as your legal liability to pay compensation for third party property damage and/or bodily injury as a result of the use and/or the ownership of the boat.


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