We are providing protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, Property All Risks, Loss of Profit / Business Interruption, Hotel Comprehensive Package, Office Comprehensive Package .
  • Fire and allied perils.
  • Property All Risks.
  • Loss of Profit / Business Interruption.
  • Hotel Comprehensive Package.
  • Office Comprehensive Package.

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Our Insurance Products

  • Fire and allied perils

     Scope of Cover:

    Fire and related risks can have a catastrophic impact on your assets.
    This policy indemnifies you following loss or damage to your property against a number of specified perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage as well as losses from natural causes.
  • Property All Risks

     Scope of Cover:

    All Risks Insurance provides wider cover than a normal property insurance policy. It covers any loss or damage apart from exclusions stated in the policy and is often used for the insurance of your commercial properties and Goods in trade.

    This Insurance can be extended to Cover
    • loss of income following an interruption of business activity due to damage to the insured property by a peril not specifically excluded under the policy.
    • losses arising from riots, strikes, malicious damage, and sabotage and terrorism.
    • This Insurance is designed for commercial and industrial large risks.

  • Loss of Profit / Business Interruption

     Scope of Cover:

    This will be provided as an extension to the Fire and Special Perils or Property All Risks Insurance.
    This policy provides insurance against consequential or indirect losses such decreased sales, which arise from damage to an insured property. It helps mitigate indirect risks arising from physical loss of assets.
    Such cover will help you regain the revenue level you enjoyed prior to suffering loss.
    Several extensions may be arranged to cater for specific business interruption exposures.
  • Hotel Comprehensive Package

     Scope of Cover:

    Hotel Comprehensive Package
  • Office Comprehensive Package

     Office Comprehensive Package:

    Office Comprehensive Package


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